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Software development – the importance of obtaining customer signoff

Clients engaged in the development of software know that time after time customers will come back to the developer, prior to making the final payment, complaining that there are certain features missing from the developed solution. This usually relates to a mismatch between customer and supplier requirements relating to the project.

Software developers can overcome this sort of ‘scope creep’ by insisting on a comprehensive functional specification being completed and signed off by both parties prior to commencement of work, and by requiring the customer to hand over a certificate confirming the customer’s acceptance of the delivered solution, prior to the supplier enabling the system to ‘go live’.

Developers that neglect to insist on the above documentation, together with a comprehensive software development contract that accurately defines each party’s rights and obligations, are playing with fire.

Disclaimer: This blog is for general informational purposes only. It is not legal advice nor is it a substitute for legal advice. Readers should seek legal advice on their own particular circumstances. Alan Arnott is a technology & telecommunications lawyer with qualifications in computer science and law with Arnotts Lawyers Jones Bay Wharf in Sydney. For more information, please visit