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Corporations Law

Our law firms have experience in advising corporate clients (from small single shareholder companies to public listed corporations) on a range of corporate issues. Companies can be attractive business entities under which organisations can operate. Company law clothes companies with special legal characteristics that enable them to undertake certain activities in their own right. The Corporations Act and the general law provide a range of legal obligations on companies, directors and other parties involved in the operation of companies.

Our lawyers regularly advise companies in Sydney, New South Wales and around Australia in relation to company formation requirements, company structures, management and corporate governance, members rights and directors’ duties, external administration and winding up of companies and other corporate matters.
Some example of corporate law work we have been involved in recently include:

  • negotiating complex contractual documentation between a group of companies;
  • making an application in the Supreme Court for the winding up of a company on the grounds of oppression and on the “just and equitable” ground, and seeking relief in respect of the breaches of fiduciary duty by a company director;
  • advising clients on the removal and appointment of directors;
  • delivering a presentation to a corporate client on directors’ duties;
  • drafting shareholders agreements and joint venture agreements;
  • advising on the merger of a group of companies;
  • examining directors of an insolvent company in the Supreme Court;
  • issuing statutory demands to companies.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Sydney lawyers to discuss all of your company law matters.