We provide legal advice and representation to customers and suppliers of technology and telecommunications services. Some of our clients include software developers, smartphone application developers, internet services providers, distributors,


Administrative law refers to the body of law regulating the public sector and which enables judicial review of decisions made by public bodies. Australian private citizens and businesses expect public sector bodies to make decisions in accordance with

Strata Law

Our Sydney lawyers have experience in representing clients in strata schemes, involved in disputes and also in relation to the sale and purchase of strata units. We are able to assist with all areas of strata property transactions and with a range of com

Another Unfair Online Contract

A man who racked up a £50,000 debt on an online betting site, Spreadex, has been released of paying the debt after claiming that his girlfriend’s 5 year old son made (very unsuccessful) unauthorised trades using his account.

Anonymous & Anor V Sopa & Pipa

While we all know that protecting the copyright and intellectual property rights of creators is an essential part of creative freedom, two proposed Bills in the US (the Stop Online Privacy Act ‘SOPA’ and the Protect Intellectual Privacy