Internet Service Provider (ISP) Law

The internet service provider (ISP) industry is cutthroat and merciless and one where only the strongest players can survive. And this is not just due to the fierce competition caused by the ever-increasing number of ISP startups; it is also due

Software licensing – legal issues

Software licenses are a strange breed of legal documentation; they are often left unread by end users and are frequently no more than a page in length. However a carefully crafted software license may provide to be a powerful resource that can be

Vendor partnerships

Anyone who’s anyone in the IT industry will know that if something has the potential to go wrong, it will, and when it does, it will definitely happen on a Friday afternoon. Consider the large corporate customer who’s e-mail server inexplicably

VoIP – legal issues for resellers

The legal consequences associated with rolling out any new technology, including the regulatory burden and cost of compliance with all relevant laws, codes, regulations and policies should always be evaluated prior to signing a contract with

Facilities management agreements

Resellers engaged in the business of reselling facilities management services on behalf of a wholesaler will need to enter into a reseller agreement with the wholesaler that clarifies the rights and obligations of each party. A subsequent

IT storage systems – legal issues

One way for a reseller to gain an edge on competitors is to market the legal advantages associated with its products. In this post, we discuss some legal issues relevant to storage systems.In Australia, there are significant legal requirements

Domain name disputes

Someone once told me that domain names will one day be as valuable as land and how right they were. Everyone now knows that domain names are strongly associated with organisations’ identities and a good domain name can in certain