Broadband wars

The past couple of weeks have been rife with tension concerning broadband in the legal and political arenas with a trail of court action and political upheaval over Australian broadband blazing in the media. The first such print worthy

Copyright laws rehashed

Recent announcements by the Attorney-General Philip Ruddock concerning proposed changes to the Australian copyright laws might finally enable users of iPods to rip, copy and transfer music within the confounds of the Australian

Wholesaler safety nets

Veridas Communications Pty Ltd, a wholesaler who reportedly had in excess of 30,000 customers has, according to a range of news sources, forums and blogs, collapsed. In this edition of Legal View , I describe some of the shockwaves

Limewire – case review

The peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing channel has received intense media attention over the past month. This has been primarily as a result of the Limewire lawsuit filed by a coalition of record companies including Universal, Warner,

Class actions

Class actions are fairly common in the technology and telecommunications industries. Some more notable class actions in these industries that have been noted by the media relatively recently include the Sony BMG rootkit class action

Piracy Law

Hard-working software resellers trying to make an honest buck are now facing a battle with software pirates that seems to be getting more heated every day; this is caused by mod chips and ripping, burning and peer-to-peer